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What Did Merck Know — And When Did It Know It?

First things, first: under applicable United States law, the party primarily responsible for the safety of any FDA-regulated pharmaceutical product is manufacturer. Note that FDA’s role, post market-approval is to monitor; the manufacturer is supposed to do that, and more. Now, with those general rules in mind, take a look at this — it is simply a jaw-slacking visual indictment of the manufacturer of Vioxx, offered in the form of post hoc analysis — and brilliantly executed, as well (click to enlarge):

. . . .This safety record is at Merck’s feet. More, in a few moments. . . .

Surprising No One, Merck Announces that the DoJ VIOXX Criminal Investigation “Target Letter” Has Arrived. . . .

Indeed. The empaneling of grand jury was widely-expected, on the VIOXX matter — but it is a criminal inquiry, nonetheless:

. . . .The letter we received is in connection with an ongoing investigation into Merck’s activities related to VIOXX. This investigation began in 2004, and includes subpoenas for information and documents from the company and for witnesses to appear before a grand jury. . . .