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Dechert LLP’s Philly office: A Very-Active Reader. . . .

Not a huge surprise, but perhaps the specific path is of interest — the visit spans over six hours — just on this one detour. Dechert, of course, represents Schering-Plough in several of the pieces of litigation that have emerged from the ENHANCE fiasco. Most recently, Dechert lost a motion to stay the Plaintiffs’ discovery efforts — in the ENHANCE/Vytorin Marketing, Sales Practices and Product Liability litigation. Might the below-visit be in preparation for defending these early, and accelerating, discovery efforts? I don’t know.

There have been hundreds of others from Dechert computers. So this is but one recent example: (Dechert LLP) [Label IP Address]

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States

24th July 2008 09:53:55 AM

24th July 2008 09:54:39 AM

24th July 2008 09:55:25 AM

24th July 2008 09:56:37 AM

24th July 2008 09:57:17 AM

24th July 2008 09:58:36 AM

24th July 2008 09:58:43 AM

24th July 2008 09:58:45 AM

24th July 2008 09:59:25 AM

24th July 2008 03:11:51 PM No referring link

24th July 2008 03:11:53 PM No referring link

24th July 2008 03:11:59 PM No referring link

24th July 2008 08:02:50 PM No referring link