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USW Local No. 10-86 Approves Three Year Merck West Point, PA Contract

This just in, from the union local’s website:

. . . .Wednesday, 12 May 2010 @ 9:33 pm EDT

The contract was approved by membership by a vote of 871 to 580. . . .

I’ll trust this is the best thing for the families. UPDATED | May 13, 2010 @ 7 a.m.: Meanwhile, overnight Merck has announced a plan to add 150 financial shared services jobs, across the pond, in Dublin, Ireland.

UPDATE: Merck | West Point, PA | USW Local No. 10-86 Contract Ratification Vote Tonight

Again, our sincere thanks go to our anonymous “on-the-scene” reporter:

. . . .I just wish I had better news to report. Unfortunately, I have additional details regarding the contract. Along with the out-sourcing of the Security Dept. — it will include the Grounds & Maintenance Dept., as well. Possibly to JL Maintenance(?). . .

After talking with the others, it would appear morale is very low. Some feel they should’ve [gone out on] strike earlier; that it’s too late to do so now. They feel the vote tomorrow night will have majority in favor of the new contract. Thereby, giving the company authority to lay off Union workers by end of 3 year contract.

Perhaps even sooner.

This may be the end for USW at West Point. That’s all I have for now.

Anonymous | May 11, 2010 @ 12:41 p.m. . . .

We’ll all know more tonight, after about 9 p.m. EDT., but in this bruising job market, this may have been about the best that could be expected of the union leadership — to preserve at least some job, if not any specific position, for each union member. Certainly, some 17,000 to 25,000 other (non-Union) New Merck/Legacy Schering-Plough employees weren’t offered any position, at all, post bust-up. Either way, I feel for the families. Sad times.

Details Of Proposed Merck-West Point, PA Union Contract Emerge

A huge thank you, to my readership, here. In a thread earlier tonight, I was graced with this status update, from an anonymous commenter:

. . . .Okay, Condor. So be it. Here’s the 411. One of the things I’m informed of is in regards to [Merck’s West Point, PA] Security Dept. The contract states the Security Dept. “will be out-sourced” according to an anonymous source. More than likely to be out-sourced to Allied Barton considering they are the security company around the other “non-union” facilities. The contract does state [the outsourced Security employees] “will be absorbed into other fields” within the company.

The other issue that my co-worker was told [about] was in regards to a lack of a “lay-off clause”. Which, in their words, “would protect us in the future from losing our jobs.”

The contract, I was told, would be good for 3 years. As you know, they still have to vote on it. They are working under “indefinite extension” of their old contract, as I type this. I did ask someone what would happen should the majority of the vote be negative? Reply: “Then I guess we might strike.” Some are for the new contract, some feel otherwise.

Hope this helps. Will get back if I hear more. Take care.

May 10, 2010 9:03 p.m. . . .

Fabulous — I think this is a world-wide exclusive, thanks to the readership!

West Point Union Contract Voting Procedures, For Wednesday Night

This just in from the West Point, Pennsylvania union leaders:

Monday, 10 May 2010 @ 14:39

United Steel Workers Local Number 10-00086

Brothers and Sisters,

The contract ratification meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 12, 2010, at 6:00 PM in the North Penn High School Auditorium. As we prepare for the meeting, we need to communicate the rules. Please remember that there is no smoking permitted on the High School grounds. The High School parking lot only holds 1200 cars, therefore please make every effort to carpool, especially members leaving site for the vote. Parking will not be permitted on the grass areas surrounding the High School. If you park outside of the designated areas, you will be responsible for the outcome, towing, fines; etc. There will be no children permitted to enter the meeting. No member will be permitted to cast ballots until the vote is called by the President. The judges and tellers will not take ballots early; members are expected to stay for the duration of the meeting to vote. There will be members assigned to assist the Sergeant at Arms and those members will ensure that the rules regarding voting are strictly enforced.

These rules are to ensure that the information that membership receives is accurate and all questions are answered. Each member attending the meeting will receive one (1) ballot and will only be permitted to cast one (1) vote.

In solidarity,

/s/ Michael I. Parente, Sr.

/s/ Phil Hughes
Vice President

We will let you know what we hear, as we hear it.