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Once More — Awaiting CafePharma Queue Moderation. . . .

This won’t make sense, unless you’ve read the original CafePharma thread to which it relates — but here goes:

I don’t know who the Condor is, but I can sure tell you that I know the industry, worked in it for decades, and even worked for SP for a while. If the Condor needs assistance and facts about this cesspool known as Schering Plough, there are many, many like me who will offer the info gratis. I would revel in your company’s demise. You are bad for the industry, but most importantly, you are bad for patients and their medical care providers.


To be clear — I was “yanking the chain” of the decidely-dim-witted anonymous poster (way above) who seems to complain about me 24 by 7, around here. That’s all jake by me, though — that is his/her right, after-all — it is a marketplace of ideas, here.

It is odd, isn’t it, though, that s/he doesn’t complain AT ALL about the PRIMARY actors — at Schering. Are the messengers really to blame? I don’t think so.

I don’t need to write a book. It is writing itself — day by day, in the national newspapers — and on various blogs. [BTW, the alluded-to “SeekingAlpha piece” is actually a syndication feed (reprint) of something originally written by a VERY pro-Schering guy (Derek’s an ex-Schering science guy, in fact!) — at Corante/Pipeline. Google it for yourself — get “the truth. It is out there.” AND, BTW — Derek said Schering “couldn’t have done more damage” to ITSELF (re SEAS), if it “had hired Professional Saboteurs”. Heh.

That line made me kinda’ warm and fuzzy, inside. But I digress.]

That said, I welcome the above-offer (in green).