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The Most Ominous Line — for Schering — in Merck’s Q2 Press Release, tonight?

UPDATED — 11 AM EDT: Though clearly not fully-intending to do so, the generally very-pro-Schering-Plough web site “In the Pipeline” (Derek is an ex-Schering science guy) — seems to be throwing in the towel on the Cholesterol Joint Venture. He adds detailed credence to the thesis that the Joint Venture is coming to an end — albeit not directly.

He writes of SEAS . . . .put out press releases that your compound, even though it failed to work again, isn’t actually a cancer risk. You really couldn’t do worse; a gang of saboteurs couldn’t have done worse. Of course, there’s no such gang: the companies themselves authorized these trials, thinking that there were home runs to be hit. But all these sidelines — familial hypercholesteremia, aortic stenosis — have only sown fear, confusion, and doubt. . . . .

[Emphasis supplied.]


From CEO Dick Clark’s first full paragraph after the first two tables [emphasis supplied; link to the full release]:

“. . . .Earlier today, data for the SEAS study was presented by the primary investigator,” he said. “We are moving quickly to fully assess the potential implications of the data for our cholesterol joint venture. . . .”

The bolded bit could be read to suggest one possible “implication” for the Joint Venture. . . . would be its end.

Am I reading too much into his statement, here? Let me know.