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Far be it from me — to suggest these two are related — BUT. . . .

. . . .I could not help noticing that, as of this morning (filed July 10, 2008), in a consent dated yesterday, July 9, 2008 by Defendants’ counsels — Lowenstein, Sandler has taken the reins from Arent Fox, in US v. Organon, Inc. (Case No. 07-2690, US Dist. Ct. NJ), the <a href =”
“>Organon Qui Tam/False Claims litigation matter.

Click it — to enlarge (and, in such a pretty color, too)!

It is unclear why this “mid-stream horse-switch” was undertaken, but I would not be terribly surprised to learn that it had something to do with the throw-away due diligence argument Arent Fox offered, and I highlighted in a discussion, toward the end of last month.

A bit of a pickle that one created, no?

Of course, it could be completely unrelated — and it could be as simple as “it makes sense to keep all our defense counsel well-coordinated, so why not consolidate at one firm?”

Which, of course, is to admit that I was (mostly) right — as “better coordination” could have avoided that particular gaffe.

I’m jes’ sayin, that’s all. . . .