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PM, at Gooznews, has an intriguing theory. . . .

The irrepressible PM (over at strikes again, this morning — the author has posited an intriguing “mechanism of action” theory to explain why the SEAS cancer data may not be an anomaly at all, among other matters. It involves plant sterols.

Trust me, you’ll want to read this — this one post may well cause “serious, open minded scientists” to rethink what Schering-Plough is claiming, related to the SEAS cancer data. Here’s a bit of it:

. . . .The trial — known as the SEAS trial — was an effort to show the combination pill reduced heart disease. Ezetimibe is unique in that it inhibits cholesterol absorption (as opposed to removing cholesterol from the blood like statins). But ezetimibe also inhibits absorption of dietary plant sterols, and one plausible theory is that the reduction in sterol absorption in the patients in the SEAS trial may have increased their risk of contracting cancer. . . .