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And, Speaking of Getting a Lil’ [More] Help from Merck: What was VYCTOR?


UPDATED — 09.04.08 @9 AM EDT


Matt Herper, of Forbes, has linked this post — offering a well-reasoned dissent — from my tin-foil-hatted wing-nuttery, below. He is, of course, right. And I told an anonymous commenter (Matt?) so, yesterday. Cool. Heh.

And now, just to be complete — I have put up a new post on this topic.




Perhaps Dick Clark and Co. would like to explain why this study, called VYCTOR, involving Vytorin — was completed in December 2005 — but was apparently only logged-in, and made public, at (Identifier NCT00738296), two weeks ago — on August 18, 2008.

This VYCTOR study, begun in April 2005(!), investigated Vytorin’s effect on carotid intima-media interphase thickness progression measurements (sounds quite a bit like ENHANCE, no?).

A HUGE Hat Tip, to PM — again! — for a fabulous find!

Stay-tuned — As I will likely have more on this, by Tuesday afternoon.