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A Johns-Hopkins Pediatric Oncologist Weighs-in — SEAS, ENHANCE, Cancer and Vytorin/Zetia

Do read it all — and do note that he gives much-deserved credit to PM for the plant sterols theory as to a plausible mechanism of action. . . .

Here’s a snippet:

. . . .I wrote this piece for two main reasons: one reason is that I think this case (and the fiasco surrounding Vioxx) is an important reminder not to be so eager to take a new drug just because it’s new and has a cute ad. FDA approval is no guarantee that a drug is safe, and some relatively rare but certainly very significant side effects only become noticed during what is called post-marketing surveillance. The other reason is as a teaser for my upcoming, first ever book review: Reasonable Rx: Solving the Drug Price Crisis, by Finkelstein and Temin. . . .

Do go read. Now.