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Forbes’ Herper (in Stereo!) on Vytorin Today. . . Cool.

Mr. Herper wrote earlier today on what September in Munich may mean to Vytorin (full SEAS trial data) — tonight, he’s writing about the lack of outcomes data for Vytorin. Does Matt know that something major is about to break on this ongoing debacle?

I dunno. Do read all of his latest — here’s a snippet:

. . . .In SEAS, Vytorin failed to do better than placebo at treating a heart valve disease called aortic stenosis, but it did reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and operations to unclog arteries. But the results weren’t much better than what you’d expect from Zocor alone. . . .

What does Matt suspect, that we’ve haven’t yet puzzled out? Hmmmm. . . . Thoughts?

Forbes’ Matt Herper — On what Munich in September means for Vytorin — SEAS

Do go read all that Herper has collected — but there is nothing you haven’t read earlier at Gooznews, here, over at Pharmalot, PharmaGossip, or over at Dr. Rost’s joint (if you’ve been a steady visitor!) — but good to see the MSM following the actual data, as opposed to the Schering/Peto “spin” on SEAS:

. . . .Next week, the full results of SEAS will be presented at a medical meeting in Munich, and, if some of world’s top cardiologists, drug safety experts and statisticians are to be believed, the stage is set for yet another battle over Vytorin, which is already being haunted by worries over its effectiveness.

Forbes surveyed 16 experts about the SEAS results. None were entirely convinced of a link to cancer, but eight thought Peto had gone too far in completely dismissing any cancer risk. Ten thought there was at least some possibility that Vytorin increases the risk of death for patients who have cancer. . . .

How could Zetia make cancers more deadly? One idea is that it is blocking substances that slow tumor growth. Zetia blocks the absorption not only of cholesterol, but also of substances called plant sterols, chemicals found in fruits and vegetables that may slow tumor growth. “It should push people further away from the use of the drug,” says Allen J. Taylor, head of cardiology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. But neither plant sterols nor a diet rich in fruits and vegetables have been proved to prevent cancer. . . .

Again — Kudos go to PM — for first articulating the theoretical mechanism of action mentioned in the last paragraph. . . You read it at Gooznews, first!