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Schering-Plough Spots a Small Ray of Sunlight, on Vicriviroc, a Phase III HIV Candidate. . . .

This is still no done deal, but Schering did get some encouraging news on its HIV candidate, vicriviroc:

. . . .These long-term results demonstrate that vicriviroc added to an optimized background therapy may provide durable viral suppression and sustained elevated CD4 counts in treatment-experienced HIV-infected patients,” said Jihad Slim, M.D., division of infectious diseases, Saint Michael’s Medical Center, Newark, N.J., and an investigator for the vicriviroc clinical program. “Importantly, vicriviroc was well tolerated, with some patients continuing on treatment for up to four years, and it was not associated with increased liver, CNS or cardiovascular adverse events or with an increased incidence of malignancy in this patient population. . . .

As ever, with combination HIV therapy regimens, like these — only time will tell.