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New York Apparently Followed Illinois’ LEAD, Here, on Vytorin®. . . .

Although I noted the State of New York’s change to Vytorin®‘s status yesterday (having given New York too-much fanfare, perhaps), apparently as early as July 1, 2008, Illinois Medicaid and Illinois Cares Rx Plus had transferred Vytorin® to “non-preferred” status (see page 10 of this July 1, 2008 PDF file):

Preferred Drug List
Illinois Medicaid and Illinois Cares Rx Plus
July 1, 2008
Changes are highlighted in blue
and marked with an asterisk (*)


Lipotropics – Statins & Combinations — Vytorin®*. . . .

[All with a very sincere Hat Tip, to the post-midnight anonymous commenter in my comments box, to the New York post, of yesterday.] I’ll likely devise some graphical form of a running state-by-state tally, in the left-margin, starting tomorrow around lunch-time — after I’ve surveyed some of the other, larger, commercial states.]