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What Will ESC Bring to Vytorin’s SEAS, in Munich, Germany, on Tuseday Morning?

The full results of the Vytorin SEAS trial will be vetted and analyzed — and not just by individuals paid by the companies involved.

What will the ESC Meeting in Munich, Germany bring? [Here’s Matt Herper’s most-recent piece on it, FYI.] Will it all be as dramatic — and disastrous — as the ACC was — at the end of March 2008? We’ll soon know. I’ll have it all — right here — essentially live. Or, live-blogged, at least.

Do tune in.

UPDATED — 09.02.08 @7 AM EDT

The results are in — and two slides tell the story — a link to the full PDF of slide deck here — but pictures are worth thousands of words, no? [As ever, click to enlarge.]

And, for what it is worth — Dr. Peto’s defense of his SEAS conclusions (cancer incidence likely due to “chance“) may be found in the NEJM.

Matt Herper, of Forbes, has an updated, and rather comprehensive piece out this morning (Tuesday September 2, 2008), too.