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All those "Eyeballs" that happen to visit, here — are getting "Stickier"!

In the life-cycle of any regularly-updated web-site, it takes some time — sometimes, over a year — to be “discovered” by one’s target audience(s). Not so here — it took about two months. Then, after that, it usually takes significantly more time — to build a solid repeat-visitor following. . . . It seems we are reaching that second stage — already. I am plainly feeling pretty sanguine about the value proposition, here.

Moreover, I am pleased that we have so, so many visitors, generally — but I am particularly thrilled that just under half of all the visitors are now regularly repeat visitors.

Beyond that, I am frankly amazed that almost a quarter of the visitors have been here more than just casually — five to ten times — and beyond — and still keep on coming back. Tremendous!

I thank all of you — and now solicit your feedback — what would you like to see? What should I do more of? What should I do less of? Do tell me, in the comment-box, below.

So — again — thanks!