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"Quelle für die Bilder" — How cool is THAT?!

UPDATED — 09.05.08 @ 4 PM EDT

The author of the below blog liked my calling that joint “The Big Sneeze“.

That is all.


I think this may be the first non-English-language site to use my graphics, and link to this site (though some might argue that a fair chunk of what I write isn’t really in the native English tongue, either, afterall!) — Cool, nonetheless!

The name of the blog is pretty darn clever, as well:

Of course — this is exactly what I intended to have happen, in deciding to make all my content public domain (or “copy-left“, if you will) — that it would be spread across the wide web, from Germany to Malta, from Beijing to Nome, from Texas to Rome. . . .

Quoting the Big Sneeze(!), now:

. . . .Inegy® und Krebs: Statistik für Fortgeschrittene

Die Argumentation des unabhängigen und weltbesten Statistikers Richard Peto, der im Auftrag der Hersteller von Inegy® (in den USA: Vytorin®) dem Verdacht auf ein durch das Medikament erhöhtes Krebsrisiko nachgegangen ist, lässt sich kurz zusammenfassen.

In der SEAS-Studie entwickelte sich die Anzahl der Krebstodesfälle in der Tat beunruhigend und war um fast 70 Prozent erhöht. . . .

The (rather inartful) babble-fish translation, into English version reads thus — but you’ll catch the main idea, right away . . . .The argument of the independent and world Statistikers Richard Peto, on behalf of producers of Inegy ® (in the U.S.: Vytorin ®) to a suspected by the drug increased risk of cancer is pursued, can be summarized briefly. In the SEAS study developed the number of cancer deaths indeed worrying and was almost 70 percent. . . .”

How do you say “Ouch” — in German?