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Although A Jim Cramer "Recommendation" is USUALLY an Excellent CONTRA-Indicator — Do Consider Vertex’s Case as a "Long". . . .

I reflexively cringed — while typing his name into the header for this post — as he was so completely wrong, and repeatedly-brazenly wrong, about Schering itself. . . . but the below suggests he may have learned at least one thing from that debacle of his (and Schering’s) — continued flogging of a failing stock story. Take a look. I’ll admit that this is exactly how I see Vertex. And, I’ll admit that I am neither long or short Vertex, Abbott, Astra Zeneca or Schering, at the moment.

. . .Cramer defended the stock today, claiming Wall Street misread some recent study data and took Vertex down unnecessarily.

. . . .The test designs were different, and Schering had fewer test subjects and lower drop rates. Also, Vertex’s drug seemed to have less severe side effects. And Teleprevir works on patients with treatment-resistant hepatitis C, while Schering’s drug does not. That means Vertex had virtually exclusive access to the 300,000 Americans who fit that description. And, on top of all this, Teleprevir is much closer to market than Schering’s drug. In the U.S. alone, the expected sales top out at $1.2 billion. . . .

There. For. What. It. Is. Worth.