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A Great Editorials [plural!], on Ezetimibe studies fallout — Courtesy of a Regular Reader. . . .

Regular reader Marilyn Mann — in the comment-box for another post — writes “. . . .Nice post by Roy Poses (linked here) on a recent editorial in the American Journal of Cardiology. . . .” — below is a taste, but do go follow that link:

. . . .For science to advance, open discussion and criticism of methods, results and interpretations is vital. For physicians to take the best possible care of patients, they must have access to the best possible evidence from clinical research, even if that evidence offends the powers that be or those with vested interests.

A clue as to why the authors took such an extreme position may be found in the last sentence of their article

In the case of ezetimibe, we are concerned that this drug or its makers will be eliminated on the basis of hyperbole, misinformation. . . .

Why would they be so worried as to raise the hyperbolic concern that the controversy over ENHANCE could cause ezetimibe, and even Merck and Schering-Plough to be “eliminated?” A quick Google search revealed disclosed that the authors collectively have multiple relevant financial relationships that they did not disclose. . . .

. . . .The inconvenient truths that we censor or hide surely will return to afflict us. . . .

This. is. simply. a. must-read.

UPDATED — 08.03.08 @ 2 PM EDT

This morning, another “simply. must. read“, on this very same topic [clickable screen-shot of the widely-esteemed blog, above]:

PM, over at Gooznews is on it — like white on rice. Do go read — but here is a particularly juicy bit:

. . . .The editorialists over at the American Journal of Cardiology who last month attacked Vytorin critics as hysterics must not have heard that there are rules for people who live in glass houses who throw stones: they are required to let readers know when they moonlight for the stone maker. . . .

D I N G ! ! !