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Pharmalot is right — and CafePharma is buzzing about it — Schering-Plough’s new job cuts. . . .

Ed has all the verifiable inside skinny, but if you don’t mind rumor-mongers, cafepharma has a pretty current thread on it. And, apparently, on a Friday, the 13th, no less. Sad.

I wish all the hard-working, honest and ethical employees (adjectives that accurately describe about 99 percent them) of Schering-Plough all the best as this week closes. If your job is gone tomorrow, please know that I bear none of you any ill-will. I simply think your company lacks competent leadership — at the very top of the house — the top seven or so officers, and at least four or five members of the board of directors. It is disheartening that the vast bulk of these now deep job cuts would clearly have been avoidable, with a more proactive handling of several of Schering’s recent set-backs. My condolences, sincerely.