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The more-rigorous reviews of SEAS are beginning to appear. . . .

And, the ever-on-point PM, over at Gooznews, has done a stellar job of synthesizing them — do go read that one, top-to-bottom, but here is one money quote:

. . . .”This drug [Vytorin] does not have sufficient evidence for it to be used as a front-line agent,” [Dr. Harlan Krumholz, of Yale University Medical School] said. “Statins are the drugs of choice. The evidence is not even strong enough to say that people who cannot tolerate statins should go on it. It is an option. Right now using it is based on an assumption that you know what IMPROVE-IT will find. . . .”

[Emphasis supplied.]

Gooz, himself, had written on the cancer concerns, driven by the SEAS data release, earlier in the week. Do go read it, as well.

UPDATED — 07.26.08 @ 10 AM EDT: Ed, at Pharmalot, has also put up a similar review — with additional, exclusive Krumholz quotes.

Also a very worthy read on the topic.