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Vytorin and Zetia US Market Share Fell to 11.35 Percent in August 2008: IMS Data

. . .Schering filed with the SEC a Form 8-K announcing August IMS data just a few minutes ago.

I have a graphic finished, now — much more, including graphics, shortly, but — note that US market-share is down again, from 11.7 percent in July of 2008. Click it to enlarge:

That is about a 6 point share decline, month to month. And so, exactly as I predicted, Schering continues to lose share, in a shrinking cholesterol management market in the United States, post the July 21, 2008 top-line SEAS trial results announcement.

IMS Monthly Prescription Data:

July 2008 Cholesterol Management Market: 20,292

August 2008 Cholesterol Management Market: 19,666


July 2008 Merck/Schering-Plough Franchise: 2,376

August 2008 Merck/Schering-Plough Franchise: 2,233


July 2008 Vytorin: 1,339

August 2008 Vytorin: 1,249


July 2008 Zetia: 1,038

August 2008 Zetia: 984


[All data in thousands.]

In another FAQ in the Form 8-K, we learn that Schering has dosed its first Phase III patient in its Hep C boceprivir candidate trials — a full three months after Vertex had dosed its first Phase III teleprevir patient.