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Once again — while I wait for CafePharma’s moderation que. . . .

I posted this, over at a Cafepharma discussion — and it is still awaitng moderation, so I set it forth, in full here:

I think this has slowly-evolved into a well-intentioned (if occasionally spirited) discussion — one that finally focuses on Schering-Plough — and not so much on me. And, that is a good thing.

So, if I might — I, too, believe the vast majority of Schering’s rank-and-file (like the rank and file, anywhere) are very decent, hard-working and honest people. I have been on record — for more than three months — with that sentiment: “The Vast-Majority of Schering employees are honest hard-working. . . .”

That is why the (lack of ethical) “tone at the top” is so unfortunate — it tars all employees with the bad-choices of a very-few, highly-placed, influential actors. But to suggest we should look the other way, simply because lower-level employees will “lose their jobs” if/when all that was hidden — is revealed — is simply illogical. If you don’t face the sunshine, you are an agent of the darkness.

So, lose your job — or wear an orange suit — as a “co-conspirator”, if you choose to “be a good corporate loyalist” and help cover-up the misdeeds?

You get to decide. That is the beauty of this moment in Schering’s history.

I’ll vanish again now — for a while — I’m largely off-the-grid, here on the West Coast (on other business) — until the Merck and Schering earnings calls, tomorrow morning, of course.

Be well.