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"They say it’s good to leave the fun part for last" — Dr. Akira Endo, on his Lasker Award. . . .

On September 15, this blog noted that Dr. Akira Endo had won a Lasker Award for his discovery of the cholesterol-lowering properties of the family of drugs now called statins, thus creating a $30 billion world-wide market, and providing real cardiovascular outcomes improvements for literally millions of patients — patients for whom diet and exercise simply haven’t gotten the job done.

A couple of days ago, The Wall Street Journal posted a short video interview with Dr. Endo, on his pioneering work, and the joy of winning a Lasker for it — do take a look.

How does he rank the step-order priority for a high-cholesterol treatment protocol?

. . . .In those cases wehere diet and exercise aren’t enough, then a statin should be considered. . . .

Conspicously absent is any mention of Zetia or Vytorin — even as a third line treatment — on the rare occasion where statins aren’t well-tolerated.