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"Vytorin Study’s Ethical Morass" — Forbes’ Matt Herper

This is very tough, but very fair — and probing — coverage. Do read Mr. Herper this morning, en todo, but here is a pull-quote from the always on-point Dr. Steve Nissen (Chairman of the Cardiology Department at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic):

. . . .Merck and Schering have come under heavy criticism for another Vytorin study, called ENHANCE. The lead investigator of that trial has said that the results might have been out a year earlier had the companies left the decision to analyze the data up to him.

Steven Nissen, chairman of cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic and a Vytorin critic, says that he thinks the rush to release the information was improper.

“What you’re seeing here is the behavior of a company that is under siege by the failure to do the right studies,” Nissen says, “And they’re trying to spin the results using media relations strategies rather than the proper scientific approach. . . .”

Science first — and commerce second — in order to regain the respect of the cardiologists, and the public, Mr. Hassan.