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Politics, or no? You decide. Take a new poll, at left.

In response to a well-reasoned comment I received tonight, I thought I’d conduct another poll — see the left margin matter to vote:

Anonymous said. . . .

People come to your blog to read about SGP and its trials and tribulations. Lately you have become more political and few who read your posts are that interested in your opinion about politics — it’s just not why they come to your site. Stick to your core competency and leave the political punditry to the Richard Craniums of the world — lest you become one.

September 12, 2008 5:10 PM

Okay, fair enough — I do genuinely strive to offer compelling content (generally not elsewhere reported in this sort of detail) to the audience that takes the time to stop by, and read, here. Do you, loyal readers, think I ought to leave political discussions (of U.S. Health Care Reform Hearings, etc.) off of the covered-topics-list here?

For what it’s worth — I do see Schering, at present, as a prime example of what’s broken in the American Health Care delivery model — at least insofar as big pharma contributes to the dis-incentives, dislocations, and occasionally dangerous inefficiencies so many Americans experience.

What do you think? Take the poll, at left.