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An Anonymous CafePharma post that deserves to be seen. . . .

UPDATED: 07.25.08 @ 8:30 AM EDT — That fine gent — at PharmaGossip — has linked this, and made a poignant reference to the fantastic Joseph Heller novel “Catch 22“. Do go see his!

I have also set the comments, and some observations on them, as a new post, here.


Schering has prepared a “Dear Doctor” letter related to the cancer issue in its SEAS study. Here is one purported salesperson’s incredulity — given that Schering will only provide the letter to doctors who ask for it — I thought I’d link the letter, and quote the salesperson’s reaction:

Today, 01:14 PM Anonymous

Re: Is this what you were trying to show with SEAS?


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One word summary..CANCER


I just had a Physician ask me for the letter explaining the Cancer concern coming out of SEAS. He saw it on the internet. Beautiful. It actually states that we will not be automatically sending letters to all Docs, instead we will hand them a letter if they ask about it. God I have to get out of this company quick. Again SP is doing the bare minimum to inform our customers. Personally, I am going to make copies and hand one to every doctor and nurse in my territory. This shell game bullshit is another SP manipulation of our credibility and I told my DM on the phone that this is what I plan to do. Nothing but silence on the other end. I don’t think she had a clue about this. . . .

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