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Schering-Plough Spokesperson Confirms Schering Will Miss Deadline Set by US House Committees

The AP is moving a story — released just a few minutes ago — that indicates, among other matters, that Rosemarie Yancosek, a spokeswoman for Schering-Plough, wrote in a reply e-mail, to an AP reporter’s several questions, that Schering-Plough has not yet complied with the U.S. House Committee’s August 2008 information request, but is preparing answers and will respond soon. [See that request, right here, in full-text.]

By its terms, that written response — to the Committee’s earlier letter, dated August 21, 2008, from Chairmen Dingell and Stupak — was due by close of business todaySeptember 4, 2008. It asked for much additional detail on the SEAS trial’s travails.

I confess — I am baffled by this (apparently intentional) approach — the Chairmen just wrote another, more-sharply-pointed request for information, not even 48 hours ago — is it Schering-Plough’s intention to “jab a stick in the eye” of this giant?

If so, it is high time that someone sat Mr. Hassan down, and patiently explained to him — in single-syllable words, and short sentences — that this Committee has concurrent jurisdiction over his company’s businesses, in the United States, at least (Schering still generates well-over half of its annual income right here — in these markets).

Thumbing one’s nose at Congressional Committee Chairs — by repeatedly missing response deadlines — is decidedly bad form, Mr. Hassan. This is clearly not the right time to be rankling these particular regulators. It is, afterall, an election year. On the other hand, perhaps Mr. Hassan wants Schering to be seen as the poster child for Big-Pharma’s arrogance. Me?

I. just. don’t. get. it.