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June 2008 IMS scrips — Bottom line: Vytorin/Zetia STILL losing share — in a "shrinking" US Market. . . .

These are moderate declines, compared to two motnhs ago (still, close to a 5 percent, month-over-month sequential decline), but it is an especially ominous sign that the overall “cholesterol market” in the U.S. is “shrinking” — in this economy, that might well-mean that the under-, and un-insured have stopped taking their meds, altogether.

Or, it could mean that people are being counseled to adopt healthier lifestyles before trying any drug — statin or other — at all.

Overall, a 26.6 percent decline since the start of the year. Wow. [Click to enlarge.]

This is not good news. Meanwhile, 1.09 million shares traded — essentially flat, after-hours — on the NASDAQ, thus far.