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Again, Via a Tip From PM: DoD to Share Data with FDA — Investigating Possible Vytorin-Cancer Links

PM (once again!) alerted us to a salient article — more follow-up on the SEAS Vytorin-cancer data. While the full-version requires registration — Therapeutics Daily offers a summary, for free, telling us all we really need to know:

The US FDA is aggressively tracking down all possible leads. Quoth the summary:

. . . .The Department of Defense is searching its medical database at FDA’s request to investigate a potential link between cancer and the cholesterol-lowering drug Vytorin. The investigation is an example of FDA and DoD sharing more medical information and expertise in recent months, a DoD official says.

DoD is researching TRICARE for cancer diagnosis codes and the medications prescribed, says Rear Adm. Thomas McGinnis, a former FDA official who is responsible for TRICARE’S pharmacy operations. The investigation is intended to last nine months. . . .

[Emphasis supplied.]

This is the sort of diligence — and active inter-agency cooperation — our tax-dollars should garner, when public health and welfare might be at stake.