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Moral: Don’t Piss-Off Congressional Committee Chairmen — I’d Fairly Guess That These Two Are "Related". . . .

Just this evening, the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce, chaired by Rep. John Dingell, released the PDF file of Sir Richard Peto’s purportedly-full SEAS report (it is a decidedly paltry, seven-page affair) as to why he sees no plausible link between Vytorin, and the elevated incidence rates of cancer seen in patients treated with Vytorin — when compared to those given a mere placebo. In fact, here is one of Peto’s own charts, from that report, cleaned up for the web [Click to enlarge]:

Just a few hours ago, Schering confirmed it would not meet today’s deadline for delivering the first batch of written responses to the Committee.

How’s that “I’m just gonna’ thumb my nose at ’em” strategy workin’ for ya’, now, Mr. Hassan?

Do tell.