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Flash VIDEO-feed! — "Jupiter" Investigator Inverview from AHA in New Orleans

But first, from the AHA Presentation slide-set:

. . . .Among apparently healthy men and women with elevated hsCRP but low LDL, rosuvastatin reduced by 47 percent incident myocardial infarction, stroke, and cardiovascular death.

Despite evaluating a population with lipid levels widely considered to be “optimal” in almost all current prevention algorithms, the relative benefit observed in JUPITER was greater than in almost all prior statin trials.

In this trial of low LDL/high hsCRP individuals who do not currently qualify for statin therapy, rosuvastatin significantly reduced all-cause mortality by 20 percent.

Benefits of rosuvastatin were consistent in all sub-groups evaluated regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, or other baseline clinical characteristic, including those with elevated hsCRP and no other major risk factor.

Rates of hospitalization and revascularization were reduced by 47 percent within a two-year period suggesting that the screening and treatment strategy tested in JUPITER is likely to be cost-effective, benefiting both patients and payers.
The Number Needed to Treat in JUPITER was 25 for the primary endpoint, a value if anything smaller than that associated with treating hyperlipidemia in primary prevention. . . .

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