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Trivial Pursuit! Guess the Compound! A Prize for the Winner!

UPDATED: 08.08.08 @ 10 AM EDT

We have a WINNER — Peter Norman has correctly identified the compound as “boceprevir” [honorable mention to Salmon, for quite correctly pointing out that I am missing a nitrogen (but what’s an element, or two, between friends?) in my schematic — C’mon, folks! — What gives? What of this isn’t quite free enough for you?! Heh! — Seriously, though, thanks, Salmon!] Peter has also completed the “extra credit” portion, by explaining its relevance to the topics covered on this blog.

Congrats! — would each of you two prefer Amazon online gift cards (limit $25)? Or, would each of you prefer to post a book you’d like, on an Amazon (or other) wish-list, and I’ll make arrangements to have it bought for you? Let me know in comments!

Well-done! This is one very heady group, here assembled!


Take a close look at the compound below. You may click the image, to enlarge it, if need be:

Now, enter your answer, in the comment box, below — if you know what the above compound is — and, extra credit goes to anyone explaining “the why” — why does this compound appear/belong here, particularly?

I promise a fabulous prize (no, truly!) to the first correct responder, in the comments, below. Ready. . . Steady. . . GO!

[Answers to appear here, this coming Friday afternoon morning — intervening events call for the employment of this graphic, so. . . .]