More — From An Anon. Commenter — On “New” (Legacy S-P) Kenilworth HQ

A significant part of what’s really satisfying about having an unmonitored, largely-anonymous blog like this, is that people with knowledge (real, experienced knowledge) — over longer stretches of time — become comfortable, here. They get a sense of what my take is on things. . . then in time, they feel free to share, as they know I’ll never “out” them. There is no “on the record” from my readership, here ever (unless they say otherwise, explicitly).

And so, we are able to source items that MSM cannot. This is one of those, from an erstwhile commenter, below:

. . . .I never really thought that the Kenilworth site would have been split up as proposed. Many of the KW buildings are connected by an underground tunnel system. That makes security an issue in piecemeal sales. Also, when S/P built K15, it got a special single site environmental permit for the whole property due to the construction around a flood plain.

I’d bet that was the true reason they couldn’t get Kenilworth town to approve the split sale.

November 23, 2013 at 2:59 PM. . . .

Could well be — could well be. Thanks, Anon.! And, blow on, jazzman — new masthead art, on the main site — for a Sunday, with my hot coffee.


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