Merck’s Simcere (China) Venture Loses Its Main Man — To Aetna (China)

Well, with a long history as an ex-McKinsey & Co. China-based health care guru, Dr. Yehong Zhang (at right, in 2011) has all the proper pedigree for a multinational’s leading man in China. And China for Merck, as we’ve previously noted, circa late 2011 — might be as much as 25 per cent of all of Merck’s revenue growth (come 2014). It is, in short, an extremely important emerging growth market.

Problem is, MSD China, via Simcere. . . no longer has him. He was the President of the operation there. He’s been recruited away to Aetna, as President, China. That’s bad news for Merck. Here’s a link to the press story — and a bit:

. . . .Aetna reported on Wednesday the appointment of Dr. Yehong Zhang, Ph.D. as general manager of Greater China.

Effective immediately, Dr Zhang will oversee and lead the company’s growth in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. He will be based in Shanghai.

Most recently, Dr Zhang has served as CEO of Simcere MSD Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, a joint venture between Simcere and Merck & Co. . . .

Previously, Dr Zhang was a practice leader for McKinsey & Co’s health care consultancy efforts in China as well as the China president for Merck and IMS Health. . . .

So it goes. . .


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