UPDATE: Turns Out The German Merck (KGaA) Is In Exploratory Talks — Hunting A Global “Brand Identity” PR Firm. Hmmm.

[My most recent backgrounder, on this bit of corporate trivia, is here.] It cannot be confirmed, at least not by any reliable source here, on the record, but I’d be surprised if the recent Facebook — and global top level domain name — spats haven’t given Darmstadt [Merck KGaA] some new focus — on making its own brand truly unique — in all the world.

That both make pharmaceuticals, globally, has to be. . . confusing. The German one, KGaA, though sells quite a bit of “industrial” chemicals as well — paints, pigments and adhesives, if memory serves — none of which are among the US Merck’s offerings. Still — it is high time for each to brand more distinctively — in my opinion.

“Once every century” — whether it “needs it, or not” — one ought to do a strategic review of one’s brand identity, right!? R-i-I-I–i-i-ight! [And I’d submit that it. . . needs it.]

From the weekend edition (do go read it all) of the Holmes Report then, a relevant bit:

MRK-2FB-gTLD-2013. . . .The Holmes Report understands that. . . [German] Merck [KGaA] wants a PR firm to [among other things] clear up confusion regarding its branding. . . .

While Merck KGaA is based in Germany, the rights to Merck’s name in the US and Canada are owned by Merck & Co, a separate company. . . .

Accordingly, in North America, ‘German Merck’ operates as EMD Millipore. Meanwhile, Merck & Co is known as Merck Sharpe & Dome outside the US and Canada. . . .

We will keep you posted — this promises to be. . . entertaining.


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