Merck Job Cuts Make UPI’s National October Retrospective Story

Well, not quite the national coverage Whitehouse Station is likely looking for — but truthful — just the same.

The Chicago-UPI item, then:

. . . .In the first 10 months of the year, employers have announced 433,725 layoffs, putting 2013 on pace to come just shy of 2012, which ended the year with 523,362, outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas said Wednesday.

Last year’s total was the lowest since 1997, the company said.

The pharmaceutical industry set the pace in October with 10,585 job cuts announced, the majority of those announced by Merck. . . .

So it goes — and more and more outlets are writing on the Animal Health split- or spin- conjecture. That was tried in 2009-2010 — with Merial as a complicated JV structure, which never cleared US and EU antitrust review. Thus the old graphic at right — here’s the earlier, and later background on that.


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