Go Read Derek Lowe: Merck’s New R&D Structure, Critically Considered

Derek is a very smart guy. And he’s a former Merck scientist (early 2000s). So I’d pay attention, here.

I’ll not tease too much of his thesis — but it is well-thought out. [And, one comment to his post led me to revampt the masthead on the main site, last night, post Banksy’s one month “residencey” — in NYC.]

Do go read it all, comments included. Here’s a bit:

. . . .So the picture that’s emerging of Merck’s drug discovery business after this round of cuts is confused, but some general trends seem to be present.

West Point appears to have been very severely affected, with a large number of chemists shown the door, and reports tend to agree that bench chemists were disproportionately hit.

The remaining department would seem to be top-heavy with managers. . . .

He’s made quite a few other interesting points. Do go look. And be excellent to one another, today, on All Souls’ Day. Celebrate all souls — all of them!


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