Fred Hassan: “I’m An Unusual Leader. . .” Really? You’re A. . . Leader (At All)!?

That would be quite a bit of news — to me, at least.

You can read more of his revisionist histories right here (via Yahoo! Finance), in greater detail, but to my eye, they are all largely gag-worthy.

His central claim to “changing the corporate culture” at legacy Schering-Plough is apparently that he once or twice stood in line with a cafeteria tray. . . and got his own food (gasp!), with the rank and file. [Eye-rolls mandatory here.] The concluding bit is especially unctuous:

. . . .“I’m an unusual leader,” he said. “I will leave it up to whoever wants to judge me, to see whether I’m good or great, but I am a very unusual leader. . . .”

Ahem, Fred — there is at least one other option: poor.

And I’d choose that one for you — 2,400 posts below, over almost five elapsed years, are offered to establish that proposition. But you may make the call, yourself, dear readers.


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