Our President To Sen. Cruz (R) And Fellow Obstructionists: “Not Going To Happen”

According to what passes for the intellectuals’ (radical right) perspective on these latest ridiculously non-productive matters, the end game for Mr. Cruz, et al., is solely to force all Democrats (even those not in Congress in March 2010, when Obamacare first passed into law) to vote in favor of the ACA of 2010 again. [More background here.]

So — let me get this straight: these Rethuglicans think it a wise use of the taxpayers’ time, money and vastly eroded good will to hold another vote on Obamacare, using a threatened government shutdown — as the carrot/stick?

Seriously?! Once again, to this, I say: perfect! Mr. Cruz believes our wounded Iraq war vets shouldn’t get treatment at VA hospitals, and kids shouldn’t receive their Early Head Start lunches, and federal Marshals should stop chasing bad guys. . . all to hold one more up or down vote on Obamacare (the outcome of which is beyond dispute, and will never ever) stop health care reform’s rollout. I say — let them move forward! As we all know, the Senate will never allow it to reach the President’s desk. And, if by dont of some dark magic, it were to do so, the President will simply line-item veto the measure. But this is how the Republicans choose to spend your tax dollars. Re-fighting the last (lost) war, and losing every current battle, in this one — along the way. Disgusting.

From this morning’s New York Times, then, a bit

. . . .Republican state and local officials are trying to thwart the administration’s enrollment efforts by imposing restrictions and requirements on volunteers seeking to inform people about how to enroll in coverage plans under the law. The Heritage Action Fund organized a Defund Obamacare bus tour this summer that helped convince House Republicans that no federal budget deal should be made without stripping the money from the health law.

And in Congress, House Republicans are threatening to shut down the government and risk a default unless Congress eliminates all of the financing for the law, effectively killing it.

“Today, the constitutional conservatives in the House are keeping their word to our constituents and our nation to stand true to our principles, to protect them from the most unpopular law ever passed in the history of the country — Obamacare — that intrudes on their privacy and our most sacred right as Americans to be left alone,” Representative John Culberson, Republican of Texas, said on the House floor on Friday.

Mr. Obama was blunt in a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus on Saturday night, saying he wanted to speak “as clearly as I can” about efforts to derail his health care law: “It’s not going to happen. . . .”

That much is certainly right, Mr. President. I just wish these three stooges would. . . grow up. They lost. Move on, citizens. More than half of Obamacare is already working to save lives — and money — system wide.


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