Immaterial, But Cargill Joins Tyson’s Zilmax® Sales “Beef”

Once again: this will be immaterial to Merck’s consolidated results of operations.

Overnight, Cargill announced that it would follow Tyson’s lead effective September 30, 2013 and no longer purchase cattle fed Merck’s muscle builder, Zilmax®.

Here is Reuters reporting, on the Cargill update:

. . . .Cargill, the United State’s third-largest meat producer, said more testing needs to be done on Zilmax and the last cattle fed with the feed additive will be out of its production supply by the end of September.

Zilmax became the focus of attention in the livestock industry after Tyson Foods Inc said on August 7 that it will stop buying Zilmax-fed cattle for slaughter beginning next month. . . .

So it goes.


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