Merck Spent About $5.7 Million — On Lobbying, In The US In First Half Of 2013 — Down A Bit From 2012 Levels

</ So — the vast bulk of the required quarterly federal disclosure forms have been filed within an office of the US Senate, now. And the below is what the $5.7 million has been spent on, thus far this year, by Whitehouse Station's lawyers:

. . . .▲ Patent settlements (no specific bill).

▲ Non-interference in Medicare Part D (no specific bill); Medicaid-style rebates in Medicare Part D (no specific bill); Independent Payment Advisory Board (S. 351, H.R. 351).

▲ Alzheimer’s education (no specific bill); 340b (no specific bill); hepatitis C education (no specific bill).

▲ Comprehensive tax reform (no specific bill); transfer pricing of intangibles (no specific bill); territorial tax system (no specific bill); deferral of taxation of foreign earned income (no specific bill); tax base erosion (no specific bill).

▲ Trans-Pacific Partnership (no specific bill); biologic data exclusivity (no specific bill); US-EU trade agreement (no specific bill); trade promotion authority (no specific bill).

▲ Supply chain safety (no specific bills).

▲ Access to over-the-counter medications (no specific bill); compounding (no specific bill).

▲ Deficit reduction (no specific bill); ADAP funding (no specific bill).

▲ Animal Drug User Fee Act (ADUFA). . . .

Certainly no surprises there. We will keep you posted — if any later reports surface, here.


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