Very Modest Payout: Merck Settles, In Louisiana Federal Court, States’ Vioxx® Consumer Price Litigation

And the company is out, for only $23 million. This is clearly good news for Whitehouse Station.

It continues to put old problems in the rearview mirror. More later. Must dash. Here’s a snippet from the Bloomberg piece, overnight:

. . . .Merck, which paid $4.85 billion to resolve lawsuits contending its Vioxx painkiller caused heart attacks, will pay another $23 million to settle claims it duped consumers into buying the drug.

Merck agreed to pay consumers seeking to band together in a nationwide group lawsuit at least $50 each for their economic losses tied to Vioxx, such as prescription costs, according to filings in federal court in Louisiana. A judge in New Orleans has overseen litigation spawned by the drug since 2005.

“This settlement is a fair, efficient and reasonable resolution of the disputed claims,” consumers’ lawyers said in a July 17 filing seeking preliminary approval of the accord. . . .

We will keep you posted, but recall that there are still a fair number of the Vioxx® “Zombie” opt-out cases, in the US, and an Australian judge has rejected the Vioxx aggregated personal injury settlement in Sydney,as too small, and potentially not reflective of the varying degrees of harm allegedly suffered by patients.


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