Where To Submit Your Claim Form: ENHANCE Vytorin® Federal Securities Class Action Litigation

The entire 10 page claim form — needed to receive a payment for a portion of the $688 million, on your legacy Schering-Plough stock trading losses between 2006 and 2008 — is here. The legacy Merck version is here. Be sure to fill in the right one (or both, if you owned both stocks).

Download it, fill it in completely — and include COPIES of any of your stock certificates (not originals), and copies of supporting documents (brokerage statements if your shares are/were in uncertificated form, or in street name) — then mail it to (as applicable):

In re Schering-Plough Corporation/Enhance Securities Litigation
c/o Epiq Systems, Inc. Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 3127
Portland, OR 97208-3127

or to:

In re Merck & Co., Inc. Vytorin/Zetia Securities Litigation
c/o Epiq Systems, Inc. Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 4178
Portland, OR 97208-4178

We will keep you posted, here — as the October 1 settlement approval hearing date draws nearer — but it may take up to 60 days to process your completed form. You must submit your claim by mid-November 2013 (actually postmarked by November 18, 2013) to be eligible for a payment — so jump right on this.

Do write back in or call (as listed on the form), if you don’t receive a return post card within 60 days, confirming that the Administrator got your completed claim form.

Happy Fourth, one and all. Good luck! All the information, and supporting explanations may be found here (for Schering-Plough holders), and here (for Merck).

[And thanks again, Hans, “Fast” Fred, Carrie, Tom, Bob and Tom (especially)! You were — by your acts and omissions — able to max out the policy limits on all the insurance Schering Plough carried on you, for alleged bad acts/breaches of duty. You must be terribly proud of that.]


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