Federal Fosamax® MDL Update: Last Set Of “Lone Pine” Plaintiffs’ Deadlines — S Through Z — Expired Last Thursday

The ever capable Judge John F. Keenan, sitting in Manhattan’s federal District courtroom, ordered Merck’s lawyers to provide a list of non-compliant Lone Pine Fosamax® plaintiffs by next Monday morning — July 1, 2013. [My prior backgrounder, here.]

As was true with the prior A – S boluses, I expect that the actual number of non-compliant plaintiffs (and eventual resulting dismissals) will be pretty small.

. . . .Noting that the third deadline set forth in the Court’s Lone Pine order, which pertained to cases in which the surname of the first named Plaintiff begins with the letter S through Z, elapsed today, the Court orders Merck to supply a list of the Plaintiffs who have failed to provide the information required.

This list is due to the Court no later than July 1, 2013. . . .

So it goes — we will let you know when the next bellwether trial gets docketed — and will ultimately occur, as that information becomes clear, in the next few weeks.


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