And — Courtesy Of A Dutch Commenter — More Layoffs At Merck Animal Health On The Continent

Just as the axe was falling at MRL out East, here — new layoff rounds were being announced in the Dutch Intervet operations of Merck’s Animal Health businesses. [Much appreciated, Anon. commenters!] These are legacy Schering-Plough operations, and all I have is an original Dutch language account, but see the below — you’ll get the sense of it.

[Some ask “When’s it gonna’ rain. . . I ask when’s it gonna’ stop?”]

Yes, this is the decidely-awkward Google translation software (“What?! It’s not free enough for ya’?“) — if anyone out there speaks Dutch, and would like to clean up the translation, here is the original local news item, out of Boxmeer — just leave the clean up in the coment-box — I’ll print it:

. . . .Veterinary Medicines Company Merck Animal Health (Intervet) is again decreasing its workforce. Staff has indicated that in about a week or two, further announcements will be made about the plans.

The company would not comment on any reorganization. “There is no comment to be made,” a spokesperson said.

Layoff Rounds

The staff was told to expect that such an announcement would be made in week 26 (that would be late-June). According to the trade union FNV, this is a possible new round of redundancies. Previously, in 2012, MSD announced layoffs in the unit, even though more than a hundred people left then — the new round is not unexpected. The U.S. parent company wants cost cuts and has to reorganize workflows at [legacy] Intervet. . . .

We will keep you apprised.


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