Uncharted Blues Dept.: I Think This “Fixes” The MK-5172 Model — Do Let Me Know. . .

See here, for some great chemists’ assists — and more of them, here (left by chemist commenters, at the back-up site, actually) — on this topic, by way of background.

I think this does it — but before I start replicating it, and using it in more story graphics, do weigh in, and tell me whether I’ve got it down right.

We have traveled beyond the safe harbors of the chemistry I know (or once knew), out into the vast, deep and uncharted azure blues of the oceans I’ve never sailed, now. That is, I’ve hit the wall — on what little training in chemistry I had, as a lad.

So I now throw myself onto the mercy of the wise and benevolent professors, here assembled. Click at right to enlarge — then tell me if it works.


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