Okay — Trivial Pursuit: “Will the REAL MK-5172. . . Please Stand Up?”

UPDATED | 04.24.13 @ 9:30 PM PDT:

Mystery solved — thanks to our anonymous commenters! Great chemists one and all — here is the proof that the PubChem database — at NIH — is in need of revision:


In need of revision, as well, are my graphics — but watching an iMax of “Oblivion” has left me in need of flannel-sheeted bed rest, post haste (!) — so a retooling of my graphics will wait for morning. Thanks, one and all!


 A very alert commenter just mentioned that s/he thinks the graphic I’ve constructed for Merck’s MK-5172 is incorrect — that I’ve been using an intermediate step compound/molecule — not the final MK-5172, in my last two posts

So — a simple stick drawing, at right, for easy inspection — mine, above (click it to enlarge), PubChem’s is below. They look to be the same — to me. Is t

he PubChem model wrong, as well? Didn’t MRL itself submit the PubChem model?

Can anyone out there enlighten us?



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