As I Predicted In December, Merck Will Globally Withdraw Tredaptive

Again, the quite sensible notion here is that staying on Tredaptive may “crowd out” a given patient’s ability to acheive better outcomes, through other regimens. So, Whitehouse Station is responsibly urging doctors to take their patients off of the drug.

I predicted this sequence of events on December 20 — in the comments box, right here — but the Reuters story on today’s Merck announcement may be found under this link:

. . . .Merck & Co Inc said it would withdraw its cholesterol drug Tredaptive from markets worldwide after European regulators recommended that marketing of the drug be suspended. The drug was under review in Europe after the failure of a major study raised safety concerns. Merck recommended that physicians stop prescribing the drug and review treatment plans for patients taking it. . . .

So it ends. With this news, and the likely approval of a Januvia competitor last evening, Merck is off a bit in the NASDAQ-Pre-Market trading, this morning.


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