Been Off The Grid Far Too Much Lately. . . .

And so (again), I am woefully late in pointing out, as my commenters so helpfully have, before me — that Merck is going to move HQ back to the legacy Schering-Plough Animal Health facilities — though Kenilworth was still for sale as late as year-end 2011.

Here is the best piece on it — naturally, from Ed, at — do go read it all.

From my commenters, much more, then too:

. . . .Condor. . . here’s a follow up to Anon #1’s post that is quite curious. Somerset County shouldn’t care all that much about Merck’s move since it sits smack between the Whitehouse/Readington and Summit locations. One would think this was the best place to be for the move. . . .

We will keep you updated — and try to get around here to tidy the place up a little more often. I’ve been off on some wonderful real world adventures, of late.


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