Is This A Good Idea? — Reloaded

Yep — “It’s 1953 again!” — or at least some of the marketeers at Consumer Products would like for America to think so.

Yes — the image was iconic. Yes — almost all the boomers enjoy trips back to their childhoods. I just think naming a real live 5 year old the new Miss Lil’ Coppertone® is. . . well, a little creepy. And I’ve said so before.

Thanks go to the anonymous commenter below who brought this back to my attention — here is the story — from yesterday:

. . . .As if any mother needs confirmation that her daughter is adorable, Kimberlee Thompson of Winter Haven now has it.

Alaina Thompson, her 5-year-old daughter, has been named Little Miss Coppertone, having received more votes than any of the other nine finalists in the online contest. As the winner, Alaina will appear in at least one print advertisement for the venerable sunscreen brand in 2013.

The title also yields a week-long vacation to the destination of Alaina’s choice. As of Monday, the kindergartner seemed to favor Hawaii.. . .

From that sublime to the ridiculous, I guess.


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