NYT Just “Shocked, Shocked” That PhRMA Supported ACA of 2010?!

It is hilarious — and ironic — to see Republicans complaining bitterly, only now.

Only now, that it is not the Republican party operatives cutting behind-the-scenes deals with a sitting Administration, and Congressional leaders — to ensure the passage of legislation it favors.

We saw that in two Reagan terms, one Bush 41 term and in two Bush 43 terms. [And, as to attempts at health care reforms, at least, we saw far less of it during Clinton’s two terms — thus, no health care reform.] But we saw it under President Clinton too — just primarily on other topics.

So it is with great pleasure that I re-offer you what I wrote in late 2009, about the deal PhRMA was then-engineering, right here. Oh — and here. And here — I called it a “Charm Offensive“, by PhRMA. Heh. [There are probably twenty or more here, that I’ve written going back to early 2009/late 2008 — but you get the idea — just search “PhRMA“, above if you are curious.]

Even the New York Times is getting a little snowed, this evening — in not properly explaining, in enough detail — that so much of this is simply attempted by Republicans to deflect attention from Romney’s championing a very similar plan, while he was Governor of Massachusetts. Per the New York Times reporting, this evening:

. . . . The latest e-mails released on Friday underscore the detailed discussions the two sides had about an advertising campaign supporting Mr. Obama’s health overhaul.“They plan to hit up the ‘bad guys’ for most of the $,” a union official wrote after an April meeting with Mr. Messina and Senate Democratic aides. “They want us to just put in enough to be able to put our names in it — he is thinking @100K.”

In July, the White House made clear that it wanted supportive ads using the same characters the industry used to defeat Mr. Clinton’s proposal 15 years earlier. “Rahm asked for Harry and Louise ads thru third party,” Mr. Hall wrote.

Industry and Democratic officials said privately that the advertising campaign was an outgrowth of the fundamental deal, not the goal of it. The industry traditionally advertises in favor of legislation it supports. . . .

So — for the record, when the Supreme Court announces its decision either next week or the week after, I think President Obama is going to look pretty wise. And then? The Romney flaks will be fresh out of ammo.

Even if parts of the ACA of 2010 are overruled, Mr. Obama is — and will be — in the best position to prepare a Plan B, and save the nation’s health care system from an almost certain bankruptcy, without reform (yes, that is a more than four year old graphic!):

Do stay tuned, for an expected-Supremes’ ruling — either on this coming Monday morning, or on either of the next two Mondays. We will have it all for you — insta-analysis, style — up or down.


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